Advaton FoodTec unites innovative technology companies for food production and leads them together to sustainable growth.

Advaton FoodTec brings together knowledge and technology of modern suppliers and uses the synergies for innovations.

Adding value by technology and people.

We did not invent cheese, but we have perfected its production.

Kalt may not have invented cheese, but it certainly has perfected its production. For more than six decades, we have been developing and producing machines and plants for dairy processing and production of high-quality cheese. We have combined the processing steps from raw milk to ripe cheese in innovative cheese-making machines and reduced their complexity.

We offer individual, customised solutions based on tried-and-tested standard modules, adapted to the size of your business and your needs. Benefit from high efficiency in cheese production, lower susceptibility to faults, and best cheese products. This is why cheese manufacturers from around the world rely on Kalt systems.

Because we are enthusiastic!

We are passionate about clever automation and robotics. This hasn’t changed since the company was founded in 2009.

Working to the highest standards of quality and continuous improvement, Staedler has grown steadily in the past years. We work highly efficient in our modern company building. The large factory building with crane and warehouse enables us to assemble the most modern machines.

The vision of Staedler was clear from the beginning: speed and flexibility. Uncomplicated work is important to us. This is still what differentiates us today. Our drive? The customers who trustst Staedler’s solutions.

With passion and enthusiasm, we continue to pursue the goal to offer our customers the best solutions. It is exciting to find out over and over what brings our customers ahead. It’s great to see how our technology brings safe processes to customers. With a higher level of automation, it helps to reduce costs. Contributing to the success of our customers with our efforts makes us very proud.

A French know-how at the service of cheese-makers worldwide

Eurotandem is a young and innovative French company specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of production lines for dairies and cheese factories.

Backed by 33 years of experience in the cheese-making world, Albert Berthier together with his son Olivier Berthier founded SAS Eurotandem in 2015.

In the space of 8 years, we have rapidly established ourselves as a major player on the French market.

We soon brought together a team of highly qualified, experienced and motivated collaborators and managed to build up a reputation by tailoring our offer to the requirements of our customers, from the supply of simple equipment to automated all-in-one systems.

Wether you are producing hard, semi-hard, soft, blue or AOP cheeses, we are committed to designing machines that will maximize performance, limit the risk of imperfections, reduce effort and, above all, respect the know-how of cheese-makers.

It is this passion and dedication that have driven French and international cheese-makers to trust Eurotandem systems.

Revolutionary cooking equipment: Tailor-made for any size of operation in the food industry!

By acquiring the renowned Marinox brand, Staedler has further intensified its focus on the food industry. In doing so, we have combined Marinox’s extensive experience in developing industrial cooking and cooling systems, as well as the related conveyor technology, with our comprehensive expertise in industrial automation. The outcome: cutting-edge machinery for producing pasta, spaetzle, potato products, and vegetables.
Since the acquisition, we have successfully persuaded existing customers to embrace our approach and have attracted new ones with further innovations.